Seasons Greetings Letterbox Gift Set


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White stocks, alstroemeria and chrysanthemums come together with red carnations in this gorgeous bunch. This beauty is delivered straight through their letterbox so you needn’t worry about them being home when the postie comes knocking. It also comes with a greetings card and festive Lindt chocolates to complete their gift! Save £4! FREE Delivery Includes Lindt reindeer chocolates and our christmas greetings card Naturally scented flowers Delivered in bud to guarantee freshness Blooms will fully open within a few days Save £4 – combined price if purchased separately £30. 97 Featuring 3 white stocks, 3 red standard carnations, 2 white alstromeria, 2 white chrysanthemum and 2 stems of conifer foliage with a festive greetings card and Lindt reindeer chocolates.